I Am Not Accepting Fat: How I(Or You) Can Lose Weight And Get In Shape

Brother Mustafaa
3 min readJun 5, 2021


During a recent Facebook post I wrote about my recent struggles with weight gain as a 43 year old Blackman. I said…

I’m not “fat fat”, but I have gained a few extra pounds the last couple of years. I am in the process of going to war with this fat.

I am still quite trim and most people would say they don’t see what I am concerned about. From age 40 till now(43), I have rapidly gained weight and this weight went straight to my stomach. I am not eating very heavy and in a crazy way, so I have to attributed much of this gain to age related slow down of metabolism and other changes.

However, I will not accept this present reality and I have decided to go to war against fat. I have received a few random acknowledgments of my weight gain and this, along with my own personal standards, has given me a deep burning desire to improve. In a month’s time I have went from a lifetime high weight of 193 to a loss of 6 pounds brining me to 187. I am inspired and committed to transforming my body to something I can be proud of.

I was able to lose this weight and start this journey to better health by using the following strategies.

  1. I recommitted myself to eating “One meal a day” as taught by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad. This one meal a day or fasting accelerates fat loss and allowing the body to repair. One meal a day or intermittent fasting, as it is popularly called today, should be researched before you just jump in. I have over twenty years experience of fasting and using one meal a day. Check out How To Eat To Live by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad for more info. Also, research fasting on google.
  2. Even when I was eating one meal a day I was carless with how much I ate at that one meal, so I still was capable of going overboard. I am eating much more reasonable portions and watching the nutritional/caloric content of what I eat.
  3. I worked on reducing/eliminating eating junk food/eating out.
  4. Lastly, I have started an exercise program consisting of a mix of cardio and strength training. While I am losing fat, I want to replace it with muscle. I mix up my weight lifting with cardio(walking, stair climber, walking, treadmill).
  5. It’s all in the mind. the Bible says “ Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Before I started the above steps, I had to make up in my mind that I would change. And, it is this mind change that keeps me going when I don’t want to exercise or eat properly.

It is my goal to have this fat off my body very soon and have a nice muscular healthy body. We don’t have to stop looking great because we are 40ish, 50ish, 60ish or any other number above these. Your body is the temple of God and we must treat it as such.

( Mustafaa Abdul Muhammad is the author of the book, My Walk With Farrakhan: My Testimony And Writings Inspired By My Life’s Journey With My Leader, Teacher And Guide as well as other books which can be found on Amazon. He is also the host of the My Walk With Farrakhan Podcast and the CEO of My Walk With Farrakhan Ministries And Publishing LLC.)

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